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ACTSafe Training

ACTSafe Training is a service of the ACTion group and SafeMARINER, LLC.

Our Training

Our Servuces
Marine Internal Lead Auditor - MILA

This two-day, USCG reviewed and recognized course is designed to learn and practice the specific skills, knowledge and abilities needed to conduct and lead internal audits for commercial marine companies.

Risk Assessment

Learn how to use risk tools to assist in creating a Permit to Proceed Process for COI discrepancies under Subchapter M.


As the industry enters into a “regulated management system” world, the TSMS becomes critical. 


This two-day course covers the Tanker Management Self-Assessment 3 standard (stages 1 and 2).

Navigation Assessor

This one-day course trains persons how to conduct onboard navigation assessments. The course includes a navigation assessment tool that can be used and customized for each company.

Marine Incident Investigation

This two-day fast paced course provides a methodology to help ensure incidents and high learning value near miss are effectively investigation, analyzed to determine cause, corrective and preventive actions.


“Rick and David were excellent instructors and facilitators”


Ready to find out more?

All courses provided by ACTSafe Training have met the requirement of ANSI Z 490.1 Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training and the requirements in 46 CFR 138.310 (d)(2) (for Subchapter M). 


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