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Marine Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

This two-day fast paced course provides a methodology to help ensure incidents and high learning value near miss are effectively investigation, analyzed to determine cause, corrective and preventive actions.


Who Should Attend:


  • This course is intended for safety compliance, Designated Person, Operations, management, consultants, regulators and oil company TMSA auditors and vetting personnel.


Course Highlights include:


  • Key steps in the incident investigation process

  • Discuss why Safety Management Systems are Imperfect

  • Learn the 3 P’s

  • Review James Reasons Swiss Cheese model

  • Discuss investigating High Learning Value cases

  • Learn Human Error: slips, lapses, mistakes & violations

  • Learn the 8 incident investigation steps

  • Discuss the Hierarchy of Controls-and SMART Actions

  • Learn a repeatable methodology to determine cause

  • Discuss effective reports

  • Develop an incident description & timeline

  • Practice determining root cause, corrective and preventive actions


This training includes hands on exercise with cases to practice determining causation. The course meets the Sub M, TMSA3, ISM Code, RCP, and ISO 45001, 14001, and 9001 standards

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