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Designated Person, Subchapter M Objectives, Introduction to Human and Organizational Performance Principles (HOP) for Managers & DPA’s

Understanding the exposure of the DPA and how to meet Subchapter M objectives is critical to protecting the DPA and the Company. 


Who Should Attend:


  • This course is:


  • critical for managers and Designated Persons

  • intended for managers, safety personnel, vetting personnel, auditors, consultants, surveyors, and operations personnel.  


Course Highlights:


  • The history of the Designated Person (DP),

  • Understanding the importance of TSMS purpose,

  • TSMS design,

  • Implementation issues,

  • DP requirements for RCP, Sub M & ISM Code,

  • Critical success factors for successful management systems,

  • Introduction to Human Error and Human & Organizational Performance Principles (applies to TMSA Element 14)

  • Advanced view of James Reasons’ causation model,

  • Management of Change, and

  • Hierarchy of Controls.


These subjects, and more, are explored using case studies, videos, group discussions, and practical exercises.

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