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Navigation Assessor Course

This one-day course trains persons how to conduct on board navigation assessments. The course includes a navigation assessment tool that can be used and customized for each company.


Who Should Attend:


  • This course is intended for safety compliance, Designated Person, Operations, management, consultants, regulators and oil company TMSA auditors and vetting personnel.

  • Operations management, Designated Persons and others greatly benefit from this training; however, navigation assessors should have technical skills and experience in actually operating and navigating the types of vessels they will assess.


Course Highlights Include:


  • Critical Importance of Navigation

  • Understand the difference between training and assessments

  • Review and 2 types of navigation assessments

  • Understand your role as an Assessor

  • Discuss Leadership in Navigation Excellence

  • Assets to help you as an Assessor & Trainer

  • Navigation Equipment

  • Coaching as a Trainer Method-Using EDGE

  • Discuss managing barriers to effective assessments

  • Review assessment techniques

  • Review and correct a poorly written audit report

  • Discuss Key Navigation Issues

  • Review and validate knowledge by taking a final exam


This training includes hands on exercise with cases to practice determining causation. The course meets the Sub M, TMSA3, ISM Code, RCP, and ISO 45001, 14001, and 9001 standards.


The course meets the USCG requirements for training in “Assessment Techniques” for Designated Examiners.


Instructors have experience in navigating vessels, vetting, assessments and audits, and teaching USCG approved marine simulator training, RADAR, along with other courses.

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